Dare to be different!

OMG you found us! 

Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting our website! That means that you are looking for really special and unique latex sheets for your latex clothing designs or other cool latex projects. You can make latex clothes from our handmade sheet latex but you can also just simply frame our latex sheets as a painting, or wear it as a gorgeous latex scarf.  Just having the OMG-factor!

What can we do for you?

We can make almost everything what is made of latex. What do you think about galaxy latex, glitter latex, leopard latex, camo latex, latex with lovely flowers, snake skin latex, crocodile latex, metallic latex, camouflage, army, animal, zebra,  double sided latex, roses, hearts, transparent, latex with a vintage lace look, textured latex and all kind of different patterned latex with graphics, but also pinstripe latex, tartan latex, latex with splatters, latex for Halloween and Christmas, whirlpool latex, latex with dots and spots.

OMG! We can go on and on and on... but we won't! Just have a look for yourself  with all the options. Don't forget to have a look at the video's as well at our YouTube channel. Then you can see the latex dancing, moving and just having fun!

Any questions?

The fastest way to have contact with us is by email. We are Dutch so our English is not that 'OMG'! 

Good to know about us...

  • OMG Latex is a brand of - a Dutch latex company that exists over 20 years! We know all about latex... creating clothing, latex accessories, latex furniture, inflatable latex and much more! Not only companies in the fashion industry finds us for advice but also companies in the solar business, hospitals, robotics, moviemakers and more. We sell latex made by hand but also latex made by machines by the yard and lots of tools you may need to create latex clothing. And we also organise latex workshops how to learn to make latex clothing, lingerie, bra's, corsets, and inflatable latex items.

Good to know about our latex sheeting...

  • All our sheets are high gloss on one side and less gloss at the otherside, unless otherwise stated.
  • All our sheets are smooth on both sides, unless otherwise stated.
  • The size of the latex sheets is ± 100 cm x ± 200 cm (± 40 inch x ± 80 inch) unless otherwise stated.
  • The size of the textured latex is ± 85 cm x ± 195 cm (± 34 inch x ± 77 inch) unless otherwise stated. 
  • Minimum order is 1 sheet. 
  • Standard thickness is ± 0.50/0.60 mm.
  • Transparent latex is less transparent when you choose a thicker latex.
  • We don't print! So the design, the pattern, the lace, the glitters, the textures are there forever and ever.
  • Production time can be 1 day or 6 weeks, it depends on the design, amount of sheets and thickness of the sheets you want to order. 
  • Please carefully read all the information you need to know - before you order our latex - on the special information page, click here.

This is just a small selection of all the latex sheets we made. You can see much more sheets on our main website

There you can find als our 3D- and textured / structured sheet latex, such as our crocodile skin latex...very cool! 

And we strongly advise to have a look at the video's because then you can see the gloss, the glitters and the movement from the latex sheets. 

We also have a YouTube channel for an overview of all the latex sheets.